The Future of Media Production and Deployment

The FreeV Privacy Policy and Security Policy will likely be the exact same policy.  The overall policy is in development and will be much more detailed by the time FreeV users begin the Test Drive period.

Because FreeV user data is encrypted, and the organization will not hold keys, it is impossible possible for FreeV employees to access it or to decrypt it without user generated passwords. Therefore, no FreeV employee, on any level, will ever be able to have access to FreeV user data inside their accounts. 

FreeV takes your freedom and liberty very seriously, equally as much as FreeV and it's team cherishes and upholds our own freedom and liberty to the highest of all levels.

Mutually, each of our own powers of freedom and/or liberty does not give us the right to take advantage or infringe upon the freedom, liberty and rights of privacy that inherent belong to others. With that said, FreeV will take complaints against FreeV users who may be violating others, seriously.  Therefore, FreeV will reserve the right to revoke access to users who raise certain red flags. (A list of those red flags will be posted upon future launch)

We welcome your comments, suggestions and your stories and concerns about privacy and security.