Paris Paloma - labour (Filmed Live at Tate Britain)

FreeV presents Paris Paloma and a filmed live performance of her song titled labour from her album titled Cacophony. #ParisPaloma #labour #Cacophony #FreeV #MusicTelevision #PoweredByFreeV FreeVMusic 

FreeV is pleased to present a beauifully produced filmed live performance by very gifted artist from the UK named Paris Paloma, of her song titled labour, which is track #5, from her fifteen song album titled Cacophony. It was recorded in a art museum in London, with string section and a small choir backing up Paloma as she sings and plays acoustic guitar.

This songs lyrics may very well be a cultural sign of the times, whether one seeks or agrees with love, marriage and childen or not, this song seems to be a strong statement against it, comparing it to a lot of labour, beyond just having children. So men beware, this may the modern woman's war cry, for more ladies than not. You best heed the warning of this song, that if you end up making a woman feel this way, as if she is forced to do your labour, neither of you will be happy in the end, obviously.

Please press the play button on the video below and choose the high resolution & full screen options. At the conclusion of this song, over one hour of handpicked music videos will continue to play automatically.

Paris Paloma - labour (Fimed Live at Tate Britain)

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