About FreeV - Curated Music Channels + The Future of Media Production & Deployment for Content Creators + Early Origins & Partial History of FreeV

FreeV (a synonym for "Free Video") operates of a network of curated music video websites including, but not limited to MusicTelevision.Com, LiveMusicTelevision.Com, TheIndies.Com, TheQuietStorm.Com with many other music channels in development including a country music channel, a Spanish language channel, a full length feature film channel, and a short film network. Future plans include the production & distribution of conceptual music video programming across cable TV, a proprietary OTT platform and through and all possible digital & direct to consumer/fan outlets.

At it's root, FreeV is a multi-faceted web services company that provides several front & back end web services to a wide variety of mostly major and emerging recording & theatrical artists, entrepreneurs, leading global executives, family offices and their related companies & philanthropic efforts.

One segment of FreeV's existing/current web services portfolio includes providing concierge level intellectual property management & monitoring services, domain name registrations & portfolio management services, as well as backend DNS setup & ongoing management that including e-mail services for small to large enterprises. All of these very discreet services are provided with a high level of privacy and security from the prying eyes of spammers and scammers to help keep our high profile & celebrity client information private and under the surface.

At the present time, FreeV's intellectual property and domain service does not serve the general public and only takes on new clients strictly through a referral basis and personal introductions through personal managers, business managers, agents and attorneys. However this will change in the not too distant future, as FreeV rolls out the FreeV straight to the cloud video production & deployment platform, web & OTT hosting platform and other related digital services to the general public. Plans are to provide a wide range of free and paid services to the general public & small to large enterprises.

FreeV as The Future of Media Production & Deployment for Content Creators
FreeV (a synonym for "Free Video") has a free streaming video service in development that will end reliance and the potential for censorship and/or technocratic violations of customer privacy by the most popular existing third party platforms that the vast majority of the public presently relies on.

FreeV will feature original as well as licensed content on it's main front end, but behind the front end, FreeV has many amazing features never seen before that will allow users to host dynamic websites using their own domain names or using a FreeV.Com/CustomUserName, to literally build their own video intensive website and/or proprietary platform from scratch, where users can control and distribute their own proprietary content, their way.

FreeV will serve many as the most advanced proprietary straight-to-the-cloud multi-camera & multi-track A/V media production and deployment platform, with a integrated suite of tools to streamline your life and business, secure against data leaks.

Small individual to large enterprise clients will be able host streaming video & rich content websites, operate full scale OTT operations and distribute high definition video programming across all possible platforms, including straight to cable operators to fulfill carriage agreements.

The company's founder hails from the music business, with deep relationships going back over four decades in the music, film & television business, and depth in music video production new-media, security and privacy side of that industry. The early ideas for FreeV, in 2000, were based upon the niche needs of artists, musicians, bands, producers, music video directors and record labels.

The simple to use suite of FreeV products go beyond the music industry and will please the most novice to the most professional motion picture and audio producers editors and distributors working in any industry or sector.

The entire suite of FreeV tools means freedom for everyone to communicate ideas, messages and all forms of multimedia more easily and freely. FreeV is also an acronym for Freedom and Victory!

In addition to all of the above mentioned activities, FreeV is simultaneously developing a wide multitude of software and apps to improve the lives of all.

Early Origins & Partial History of FreeV 

The original idea for FreeV built up in the 1990’s before registering FreeV.Com on March 27, 2000.

For several years prior to the founding of FreeV, founder Gregory J. Chamberlain had spent countless days and nights during the mid to late 1990’s deep inside a dark editing bay at a leading post production house known as Laser Pacific, after friend and founding member of the rock band Train, Jimmy Stafford, introduced Chamberlain to video editor Ronn Seidenglanz.

Ronn's father, Robert Seidenglanz, was, and actually still is, a leading post production pioneer in the feature film and television programming business. Early in his career he pioneered the world's first mobile broadcasting truck that would transmit live programming back to live news programs in progress. He went on to sell that business known as Compact Video, and then start, build and sell several other leading post production service companies.

Laser Pacific was one such company that Robert Seidenglanz and partners build up and filled with multiple different editing platforms, systems and motion picture enhancement technologies, sitting next to obsolete systems that Laser Pacific kept from previous years. Chamberlain learned as much as he could about the different systems, even the obsolete systems, which was a monumental niche education.

Even after Ronn's father and his partners had sold Laser Pacific to Kodak, Ronn had the privilege of being able to edit his own projects when Laser Pacific's paying clients were not booked in the rooms.

Chamberlain learned all he could from being there whenever he could and became especially interested in technology designed to assist the transfer of footage from multiple cameras and multi-track audio recordings into the the various video and sound editing platforms.

Ronn preferred working on what is called a online editing bay, where big spools of magnetic tape are used in the editing process. It's a very time consuming process, and final, in that you cannot go back and fix anything once you have moved forward.

Seeing all the editing options, platforms and systems that were available and figuring out ways to creatively use them either for better creative results or for more efficiency, and learning about the various trade offs, was very interesting to Chamberlain.

Over the course of several years at Laser Pacific, Chamberlain sat with Ronn Seidenglanz as Ronn edited multiple music videos that Chamberlain had directed, mostly for emerging bands that Chamberlain personally managed and/or shot music videos for, such as the Apostles that eventually became the rock band known as Train, recording artist Lee Michaels, saxophonist Mindi Abair, the latin/funk/fusion band known as Cecilia Noel & The Wild Clams (signed to Sony Music by Kenny Komisar at the time) and artists that were signed to Michael Jackson’s production company MJJ Productions and Jackson’s record label at the time known as MJJ Music under the legendary Jerry L. Greenberg. Ronn Seidenglanz was also editing segments of live concerts that Chamberlain filmed as the exclusive videographer at the famed China Club Pro Jam that occurred one a week at various venues in Hollywood & Beverly Hills from 1988 through beyond 2000.

The big avalanche of ideas that spawned the both the technical aspects of what was to be a future for FreeV, along with branding for FreeV happened during a period during and just after Robert Seidenglanz invited Chamberlain to participate in a series of brainstorming sessions in 1998/1999, with a group of Los Angeles entrepreneurs, tech executives/visionaries, and television/film producers that included Warner Bros. Studios Vice President of Electronic Commerce & Director of Interactive Advertising, Rikk Galvin, and a changing and evolving group of people who brainstormed in meetings at La Petite Four at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, in search of the inspiration for next big idea that would mix the film/TV & entertainment business with emerging technologies. Robert wanted to start a new company, potentially to reverse merge into a public shell left over from a former M&A deal he had done, and he was weeding through this rotating cast of people to find accomplishment driven individuals with a high level creative acuity to be on his team.

It was during that period after spending time with Robert Seidenglanz that Chamberlain began to foresee a future where directors would no longer shoot video onto multiple cameras to later be dumped/transferred into a AVID or other post production system, bur rather cameras would be connected to the internet and footage would be shot straight to the AVID or non linear editing program through the Internet, so that editors could begin to work in live time at remote locations, anywhere. Of course the bandwidth wasn’t quite there yet, but years later, it has increasingly become possible to reach Chamberlain's straight to the cloud production & deployment vision for FreeV.

Approximately nine years after Robert Seidenglanz and his partners had exited from their ownership of Laser Pacific, selling to Kodak, he finally found his ultimate partner, Eric Collins, to build his next company that became known as Los Angeles Duplication & Broadcasting, or LADB for short.

Chamberlain's FreeV and  service had already began doing back end work related to the Internet, domain names and setting up DNS and email for a wide array of clients, the first of which was Michael Jackson and his various companies and philanthropic efforts. Seidenglanz was one of Chamberlain's earliest clients, when FreeV helped secure the LADB.Com domain registration and set up the DNS to get the company e-mail system operational.

This turned out to be a great priviledge for Chamberlain, spending time at the LADB headquarters in it's infancy and watching them set up the first racks of servers that would process highly secure dailies for remote digital distribution to the studio chiefs and producers for the film and TV industry was even more inspiration that sparked Chamberlain’s early ideas for FreeV. Chamberlain is forever grateful for the early mentorship and guidance of Robert Seidenglanz and his two sons, Ronn and Robert Seidenglanz Jr. and everyone else who took part and are taking part in the journey.

Chamberlain's favorite business quote stated by by Robert Seidenglanz is:

"What is the ultimate entrepreneur? The Ultimate Entrepreneur gets the order before he buys the supplies!" - Robert Seidenglanz

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