FreeV - The Future of Media Production, Deployment and Steaming Content

FreeV (synonym for Free Video) is a free streaming video service in development that is not too dissimilar than other streaming services like YouTube or Rumble that most people are familiar with. FreeV will feature original as well as licensed content on it's main front end, but FreeV has many amazing features never seen before that will allow users to host dynamic websites using their own domain names or using a FreeV.Com/CustomUserName, to literally build their own platform from scratch.

FreeV will serve many as the most advanced proprietary straight-to-the-cloud multi-camera media production and deployment platform, with a integrated suite of tools to streamline your life and business, secure against data leaks. Small individual to large enterprise clients can host streaming video & rich content websites, operate full scale OTT operations and distribute high definition video straight to cable operators to fulfill carriage agreements.

The company's founder hails from the music business, with depth in the new-media, security and privacy side of that industry. The early ideas for FreeV were based upon the niche needs of artists, musicians, bands, producers, music video directors and record labels.

The simple to use suite of FreeV products go beyond the music industry and will please the most novice to the most professional motion picture and audio producers editors and distributors working in any industry or sector.

The entire suite of FreeV tools means freedom for everyone to communicate ideas, messages and all forms of multimedia more easily and freely.

Presently, FreeV is developing the future back end for several music video, audio music, short film and entertainment websites that are transitioning beyond the web into OTT and Cable TV, where the FreeV platform is to be perfected just prior to release to the general public. 

For those interested in securing your FreeV.Com/YourUserName early, please check back here and/or join us on Twitter.Com/FreeV to be informed when the open enrollment begins. Rules to be announced soon.