September 1, 2022 - FreeV is seeking contractors with excellent music video and short film curation skills, to contribute to our network of music video channels that include MusicTelevision.ComLiveMusicTelevision.Com, ClassicMusicTelevision.Com, TheIndies.Com, TheQuietStorm.Com, Dancentricity.Com, TwangMusicTV.Com and sites in development including but not limited to TVMusica.Com (a Spanish language music channel), several other niche music channels and a short film network to be known as Short Network. Interested? Please send a resume and/or bio with links to any previous music and/or journalism work to:


August 29, 2022 - FreeV is hiring software/app developer expert(s) for a new style address book for FreeV's up & coming free e-mail platform. The address book will work across multiple platforms, be printable to a physical phone book and will provide the ultimate privacy from intrusion by third party apps and services. Interested? Send your resume to